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Our Mission

The Hibbing Public Library helps everyone succeed by providing technology to access the online world, introducing children to a lifetime of reading and learning, and bringing enjoyment into people's lives.

Library Goals

  1. Everyone will have free use of the latest technology to access global information and communication.
  2. Children, their families, and caregivers will have positive experiences that create successful young readers who value lifelong learning.
  3. People's lives will be energized and enriched through reading, viewing, listening, and sharing.

Organizational Values

  • We value a welcoming environment for all.
  • We value lifelong growth and development.
  • We value collaboration with other community organizations.
  • We value access to a wide range of resources.
  • We value creativity and flexibility in delivering what the community needs within the available budget.

  1. Board of Trustees
  2. Library Staff
  3. Volunteer Opportunities
  4. Strategic Plan 2011-2016

Hibbing Public Library is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees represents the library both to the people of Hibbing and to city officials. The Board of Trustees uses its best efforts to see that adequate funds are obtained for good library service; to promote the best possible use of all library resources in the area, to improve the library, and extend library service to those not previously served. 

As of March 31, 2015, all library board positions are vacant. Apply to be a board member.

Members are appointed by the Mayor of Hibbing and serve a term of three years. A person may serve three consecutive terms.

Library Board Minutes will be made available on this website as they are approved.

Hibbing Public Library Board By-laws (PDF)