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City Licenses & Permits

  1. Raffle Request

    $15 Fee Payable to the City of Hibbing

Contact Forms

  1. Complain, Comment or Compliment

    Provide feedback in regards to City of Hibbing services, policies, employees and appointed and elected officials. Information provided... More…

  1. Contact City Staff

Fire Department

  1. Ask A Fire Code Question
  2. FD Job Application
  3. Report a Fire Code Violation
  4. Request a Station Tour
  1. Data request form

    Form to request any data such as NFIRS, press release or investigation information.

  2. Mobile Food Truck Application

    You must receive an inspection annually from the City of Maple Grove to obtain your mobile food preparation unit operating permit. An... More…

  3. Request a Smoke Alarm Installation


  1. Blight Check Back

    To inform the PBA Tech that a property has been cleaned and needs to be inspected.

  2. Report a Parking Problem
  1. Report a Blight Problem
  2. Report an Animal Incident