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Police Department Quality Survey

  1. Select the type of interaction(s) you had with the Hibbing Police Department.*

    Select all that apply

  2. What staff did your initial contact include?*

    Select all that apply.

  3. Please rate the interaction for each of the following qualities.

  4. Courtesy & Respectfulness*
  5. Ability to Solve the Problem*
  6. Compassion*
  7. How would you rate the Hibbing Police Department on the following characteristics?

  8. Visibility*
  9. Response Time*
  10. Traffic Enforcement*
  11. Criminal Investigations*
  12. Professionalism*
  13. Willingness to Help*
  14. Appearance*
  15. Community Relations*
  16. Responsiveness to Community Issues*
  17. If an officer responded, please rate the interaction below:

  18. Courtesy & Respectfulness*
  19. Ability to Solve the Problem*
  20. Compassion*
  21. Would you like to be contacted by the Hibbing Police Department regarding this survey?
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