• Veterans Memorial
  • Priesthood Memorial
  • Block 1 of the Maple Hill Cemetery dedicated to veterans
  • The Anderson Family Mausoleum
  • Priesthood Memorial with individual markers
  • The Pierskalla Family Mausoleum
  • The Lind Family Mausoleum
  • Reverend Alfred J Azzo
  • Monsignor John A. Limmer
  • Monsignor Limmer
  • The Zimmerman Family Gravestone.
  • The Maple Hill Cemetery Chapel.
  • The Maple Hill Cemetery Chapel 2
  • The McCarthy Family Mausoleum
  • The Maple Hill Cemetery Chapel 3
  • Interior of the Chapel - from the balcony
  • The Rossini Family Mausoleum
  • Reverend Francis A. Sedey
  • Interior of the Chapel - from the doors
  • The Columbarium is a new granite structure for the burial of cremated remains
  • Reverend Father Sigmund Fredrick
  • Maple Hill Cemetery Gravestones
  • The Chapel was a Works Progress Administration Project in 1938
  • Father Domenic Strobietto
  • Interior of the Chapel - facing the doors
  • Father James Hogan
  • Mausoleum Officers during the Works Progress Administration Project to build the chapel

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