Group Visits

Hibbing Public Library welcomes group visits to the library and hopes that the experience is educational and enjoyable to the participants. In order to serve the greatest number of library users in a fair and equitable manner, the following guidelines will apply.

  1. Hibbing Public Library is able to accommodate one children's or adult group in the morning and one in the afternoon. Any library event scheduled by the library staff and requiring staff time either in or out of the library will be considered a group.
  2. Children's groups will be scheduled at the discretion of the Children's Librarian and adult groups will be scheduled at the discretion of the Reference Librarian. Group visits are subject to staff and meeting room availability.
  3. Groups that plan on visiting the library but do not require the assistance of the library staff are encouraged to call ahead and inform the library of their visit.
  4. When an unscheduled group visit occurs, the staff member at the circulation desk shall inform the adult in charge of the group of the library's group visit guidelines and request his or her cooperation. If assistance is needed by the group, it may or may not be given at the discretion of the Children's Librarian or Reference Librarian.
  5. Group leaders are responsible for controlling the behavior of the members of their group while in the library.
  6. If groups with children under 12 years old wish to use the adult reference area for research, a teacher or other responsible adult must accompany them at all times.
  7. No library program will be offered to groups of fewer than ten people and no library tours will be offered to groups of fewer than five unless special needs of the group (such as disabilities) warrant an exception.
  8. Groups of not more than 25 children in kindergarten and preschool may play with the toys in the Children's Department under adult supervision. Library tours will be offered to children in grades one and up and to adults. Story programs will be offered to preschool and kindergarten children.
  9. Library card applications will be offered to all members of the group. Temporary library cards will be given out at the visit if staff time permits and proper identification is provided.
  10. Questions concerning the policy should be referred to the Library Director.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees, April 12, 1989.