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All applications and permits require Council approval, submit your applications to:

City Council Office
401 East 21 Street
Hibbing, MN 55746

Animal & Animal Related Business Licensing

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Business Licensing

Construction Services/Building Safety

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Engineering Permits

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Parks & Recreation Permits

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Special Event Licensing

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 Please see the Special Event page for additional information.

For information about Liquor, Beer and Wine Licensing and Regulations See Chapter 5 of City Ordinances.

For more information on Caterers' Event Liquor Licenses; Liquor, Wine or Club License Renewal; 2 am. Liquor License; On Sale Liquor License; 3.2% Liquor license; or Sunday Liquor License; or Retailer's Card for Liquor and Wine view website on Minnesota Department of Public Safety for section titled "Apply for a Liquor License".