Photography & Filming Policy

Use of photographic equipment by individuals or organizations not affiliated with the City of Hibbing or the Hibbing Public Library is not permitted without permission of the Library Director. Persons or organizations desiring to photograph or film any part of the building, library patrons and/or library staff, and materials owned or exhibited by the Hibbing Public Library must complete the Request to Photograph/Film Form (PDF), and be approved by the Library Director. This applies to personal, private and commercial use of the photographs or film. The one exception shall be local/regional news organizations.

Photography or filming that may interfere with public use of the library requires permission. Meetings scheduled in the meeting rooms, including the Dylan exhibit room, have priority over personal visits.

Photography or filming for commercial use is defined as for personal or corporate gain in publications, such as magazines, books, and travel guides, and in films, television, electronic media and other commercial products, must be formally requested in writing a minimum of one business day in advance of required date. If the request is for the Dylan Exhibit, the room should be reserved for specific date and time to ensure availability.

The library requires film or photographic credit in any commercial use of the photographs or film. The library requests that it be notified when the person/organization produces a final copy of the production, news clip or article that results from any filming or photographing.

The library reserves the right to:

  • refuse permission to copy, film, or photograph certain objects,
  • limit the number of photographic reproductions,
  • limit the time that the objects are exposed to light, and
  • restrict the use or the reproduction of specific items.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees on February 18, 2004.