About the City of Hibbing

Welcome to Historic HibbingNestled in the heartland of Minnesota, Hibbing carries a rich history and a vibrant political landscape.  Known for its mining heritage and tight-knit community, Hibbing has undergone numerous transformations to become the thriving city it is today.

The story of Hibbing is intimately intertwined with the mining industry that fueled its growth. In the late 19th century, vast iron ore deposits were discovered beneath the city's surface, drawing in waves of immigrants seeking employment and a better life. As the mining operations expanded, so did the city, with new neighborhoods, businesses, and infrastructure emerging to accommodate the growing population.

Hibbing is organized as a Statutory Plan A City with a weak mayor-council form of government.  The City of Hibbing Mayor and City Council are composed of elected representatives serving as the legislative body, making decisions on policies, budgets, and city ordinances, and addressing the needs and aspirations of the community. City Boards and Commissions are made up of city officials, city employees, and engaged community members. 

The citizens of Hibbing are engaged and passionate about their community. Through active civic engagement and a commitment to the common good, the city continues to evolve and strive for a prosperous and inclusive future.

Mission Statement

Improve the quality of life for all residents through the delivery of quality and sustainable services.

Vision Statement

A thriving community that leverages resources, opportunities, and strengths to enhance quality of life.

Core Values

  • Leadershipidentifying issues and developing solutions Aerial view of the Hibbing area
  • Excellence: providing valuable and accurate information 
  • Trust: earning and maintaining the trust of our citizens 
  • Innovation: applying creative ideas to solve city problems 
  • Collaboration: developing a network that adds value to the organization 
  • Stewardship: using financial resources responsibly 
  • Transparency: including our residents and taxpayers in the process 
  • Professionalism: hiring, training, and recognizing exceptional staff 
  • Accountability: reporting to our residents 

Check out the City of Hibbing 2023-2025 Strategic Plan!