Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau provides the highest level of fire prevention services through comprehensive inspections and code enforcement, plan review and engineering services, public education, fire investigations, and community risk reduction services to ensure properties are properly constructed in accordance with local and state codes.

The Fire Prevention Bureau provides fire prevention services to our citizens who live and/or work in the City of Hibbing including the unincorporated communities of Kitzville, Kelly Lake, Leetonia, Kerr and Flowerville.

Under the direction of the Fire Marshal, the Fire Prevention Bureau has five main divisions: 

  1. Code Enforcement and Inspection 
  2. Engineering and Plan Review
  3. Public Education
  4. Fire Investigation
  5. Community Risk Reduction
  1. Code Enforcement & Inspection

The Code Enforcement and Inspection Division

Primarily responsible for inspecting existing occupancies for compliance with MN State Fire Code, MN State Building Code, Hibbing City Codes, NFPA Fire & Life Safety standards and other applicable NFPA standards. 

There are approximately 450 occupancies assigned to the bureau for inspections to ensure compliance with MN Fire Code, City ordinances for Operational Permit requirements or to inspect based on a statutory requirement to conduct annual life safety inspections in certain occupancy types.

Those occupancies include:

  • Hotels, motels
  • Child care & Foster care homes
  • Daycare Centers
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Treatment Facilities
  • Adult day/foster care centers

Due to staffing restrictions of the Bureau, DHS inspections in the City are currently being conducted by the MN State Fire Marshal's Office. Depending on the availability of our department staff, we will conduct these inspections in conjunction with the DHS State Inspector.

Our future goals will be to conduct these inspections through the Bureau once staffing levels can accommodate these type of inspections. 

  1. Engineering & Plan Review
  1. Public Education
  1. Fire Investigation
  1. Community Risk Reduction
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