Mobile Food Truck Permits

Keep Required Documentation in Your Food Truck

To help minimize inspections the Cities of Hibbing, Virginia, Grand Rapids and Duluth have collaborated to implement a "sticker" program that will be used to minimize inspections at every event your truck(s) may be at.

  • Please ensure you keep a copy of the following documentation in your truck. You may be asked to produce these at any time by a fire department inspector.
  • Your Fire Inspection Report (this form or other documentation provided to you by the fire agency that completed your inspection).
  • A copy of the inspection, test, and/or cleaning reports for your commercial range hood, fire suppression system, and extinguishers, completed by the contractor you use.
  • A copy of the Hibbing operating permit/Sticker for your food truck.

Per 2020 Minnesota State Fire Code

  1. A commercial ventilation hood is required if grease-laden vapors are produced. (319.4)
  2. Cooking equipment shall be protected by an automatic fire extinguishing system. (319.4.1)
  3.  A 2A:10BC portable fire extinguisher is required. (319.4.2)
  4. Cooking oil tank 120-gallon maximum, “listed”, and vented- normal and emergency. (319.6)
  5. Propane tank maximum 200 lbs. and “restrained”. (319.8.2)
  6. Propane piping protected from damage. (319.8.4)
  7. “Listed” propane alarm required. (319.8.5)
  8. Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) requirements. (319.9)
  9. Hood and ducts kept clean of grease. (319.10.1)
  10. Fire protection systems maintained operable condition per 901.6.
  11. Propane container inspected annually by an approved inspection agency registered with the U.S.
  12. A permit is required for mobile food preparation vehicles equipped with appliances that produce
  13. smoke or grease-laden vapors. (105.6.30)

City of Hibbing Implementation Plan

To operate within Hibbing in 2023, mobile food preparation vehicles shall meet the following 

  1. Shall have an approved and listed flammable gas detector if using gas.
  2. Shall be equipped with a minimum of one (1) 2A:10BC fire extinguisher with current inspection tag
  3. Vehicles with deep fat fryers shall be equipped with a minimum of one (1) Class K fire extinguisher with a current inspection tag (If the hood is not currently installed, see 2023 requirements)
  4. Vehicles with cooking hoods must have a record of the last hood cleaning and be within standard upon visual inspection
  5. Vehicles with hood fire suppression systems installed must have proof of inspection/testing within the past six (6) months

To operate within Hibbing in 2024, all vehicles shall meet the items listed in 2021, and the following

  1. Propane piping must be protected from damage and tanks and must be secured
  2. Propane tanks must have an annual DOT Registration (200lb maximum size)
  3. Cooking oil tanks must be listed and approved, shall be sized no larger than 120 gallons, be installed to manufacturer instructions, and be appropriately vented

To operate within Hibbing in 2025, all vehicles shall comply with all of the 2020 MSFC, including but not limited to

  1. A commercial vent hood shall be installed and maintained adequately if grease-laden vapors are produced during cooking operations **RETROACTIVE**
  2. Fire suppression systems shall be provided for cooking hoods as applicable

Mobile Food Truck Application

  1. Fire Marshal Division

  2. You must receive an inspection annually from the Hibbing Fire Marshal's office to obtain your Mobile Food Truck Operating Permit. An inspection may not be required if you have received an inspection & sticker from the City of Virginia, Grand Rapids or Duluth. We have joined together to create a sticker program in order to keep repeat inspections at a minimum. 

    You must keep your Inspection report and sticker in your truck at all times. If you fail to do so you may be subject to another inspection.

  3. Must be within the City of Hibbing.

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